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Talofa lava and Greetings in the Name of Jesus.

Peace Chapel Christian School was established in 1993 as a ministry of Peace Chapel Christian Fellowship. As such, the school comes under the covering of the church, but is administered separately by a Board made up of administrators of both Pre and Primary Schools, Pastors, elders, parents and people who have a burden for the school ministry. It is also officially recognised by the Government of Samoa as a Mission School. The Pre-school began with approximately 20 children, the Primary with 50. Current rolls stand at 105 and 190 respectively. The school continues to grow physically every year - with high demand from the community and continual waiting list.

Our mission statement reads :

To provide a quality education in a Christian environment which equips children for life and service.

Key scriptures given to us by the lord are :

1. Isaiah 54:13 "All your children will be taught by the Lord and great will be your children’s peace."

2. Psalm 127:1 "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain."

Peace Chapel Christian Fellowship is an independent evangelical Bible believing church, which encourages the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit but also focuses on the fruit of the Spirit being manifest within the body of believers.

Raewynn and Milo Siilata initially felt the call of God to establish this school, and He has continued to prove his faithfulness, with provision of teachers, classrooms, resources and accommodation.

There is a great need in Apia for good quality Christian education that focuses on all areas of development, not only academic but also spiritual, physical, emotional and social. We have always looked for teachers who sense the personal call of God on their lives, to work at Peace Chapel.

At present, the Primary School operates from Year One to Eight, however the long-term vision for the school is to establish a High School. We have a four-term school year of ten weeks duration each with a two-week holiday after each term, and a six-week break over the Christmas period. Our school is affiliated with Christian Community Schools in Australia, through whom we have received a lot of Christian Curriculum material. Our curriculum is basically Australia/New Zealand based (we follow the Christian Community Schools Curriculum in Social Science, Science, Health and the NSW Maths Programme throughout the school). Close attention is also given to local needs and expectations. Most of our Reading/Language material comes from New Zealand. A Samoan Language teacher takes each class at regular times every week, with a Senior classes having 2, 40-minute lessons a week, and Junior classes 1, 40-minute lesson a week.

The Primary school day begins at 7.15 am for teachers with corporate prayer, with the first bell being rung at 7.55am. Whole assembly praise and worship begins from 8 until 8.15 and finishes off with individual class devotions at 8.3Oam. We have lunch from 10.15 - l0.45am and afternoon interval from 12.00 - 12.l5pm. School ends at l.15pm.

Subjects covered in the Primary School are the normal curriculum, with every subject being taught form a Biblical basis and Christ centred approach. These include Biblical Studies, Devotions, Reading, Language, (oral and written) Handwriting, Spelling, Maths, Social Science, Science, Health, Samoan Language and Culture, Music, Drama, Art and Physical Education. Children are encouraged to work to their full potential and learning tends to take place more in an individualised or group situation than whole class. Class sizes are between 25 and 30 pupils of the same year level.

The school is fairly well resourced by local standards, but not by overseas standards. We have quite a lot of up to date reading material for children as well as some concrete Maths equipment and Phys Ed gear. There are fewer resources in the Social Science/Science areas. Our facilities include 9 classrooms, a library/resource room, a Reading resource room and toilet block.

The school roll tends to be predominantly local children (Samoan) with some expatriate families as well (New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Vanuatu, Tonga). Initially the roll was fairly evenly split between church members and non-church members, however there are now many more non-church members as the school grows year by year.